Rent a Boat with Easy Boat Booking in 6 Easy Steps

Vacation planning can be long, stressful, and sometimes seriously unsatisfying. With Planet Earth providing us with a plethora of jaw-dropping places to visit, we can only day dream of destinations we may never get to experience.

Fortunately, you and your travel buddy finally managed to cut down to THE destination for the Summer; The French Riviera. Gorgeous Mediterranean coastlines, rich artistic history, and a deluge of cool rosé to go with your fresh John Dory fish. However, many adventurists traveling to the South of France miss out on one unforgettable experience.

Renting a boat!

boat yacht sailboat motorboat rental

Two friends enjoying their day on a boat rental

The Mediterranean, and especially the French Riviera, is famous for luxurious yachts, deserted islands, and crystal clear water. Which means that the boating business is booming and for a very good reason. Keep reading below if you want to learn how to rent a boat on the French Riviera in 6 Easy Steps.

  1. Visit Easy Boat Booking, the leader of boat rentals on the French Riviera
  2. Use our « Quick Booking » tool and input all necessary information including city, port of departure, type of boat, date, and budget
  3. Our team of experts will contact you within 24 hours with boats available
  4. Once you have confirmed a boat we have proposed you we proceed with a 50% deposit to block the date in your name. The remaining payment will be done the day before the rental in order to ensure the weather is beautiful for your trip
  5. The day of your departure, your boat will be clean with a full reservoir of fuel
  6. Upon return, our professional skippers will check the boat and then you will be on your way for your next adventure

How easy is that? Contact Easy Boat Booking today the next time you are visiting Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Saint Tropez, or Marseille!


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