Easy Boat Booking’s Available Boats in May

For anyone that wants to book a boat for end of May and the month of June, we have decided to publish our most popular for you to see. If you are interested in making a booking for one of these this Summer, than contact us on the number below for prices of the boat rentals (only skipper price displayed).

Zar 57 boat rental hire Easy Boat Booking French Riviera
1) ZAR 57 
Type: Semi-Rigid Boat
Length: 5.77m
Motor: Honda 150CV
Skipper: 200 euros
Number of Guests Maximum: 10

mainstream 800 rental semi-rigid boat hire French Riviera Cannes Easy Boat Booking2) MAINSTREAM 800
Type: Semi-Rigid Boat
Length: 8.23m
Motor: Hyunday 250s
Skipper: 200 euros
Number of Guests Maximum: 14

Rainier 21s Voyager Boat French Riviera Easy Boat Booking
3) Ranieri Voyager 21s
Type: Motor Boat
Length: 6.35m
Motor: Honda 150CV
Skipper: 200 euros
Number of Guests Maximum: 7

Bayliner 245 SB Easy Boat Booking
4) Bayliner 245 SB
Type: Motor Boat
Length: 7.34m
Cabins: 1
Skipper: 200 euros
Number of Guests Maximum: 9

To send a direct query or look at our wider range of boats and yachts, visit Easy Boat Booking
Email: easy@easyboatbooking.com
Contact: +33 (0)6 58 92 15 86

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How to make the best of the French Riviera on a Low Budget

French Riviera is beautiful and as there is so much to do within a limited time, its a matter of where to start and where to finish, without necessarily overspending. Here is a simple guide on how to visit all the necessary places, sometimes in style on a limited budget.

Villefranche sur Mer
First of all, a priority for you will be to ensure that you get all of the cities and villages on the French Riviera coast visited or at least seen. Maybe you want to take ‘snaps’ of the beautiful buildings along the bay. You may not think this is possible in one day, or two days. Well, we have just the answer for you, if you have a small group of people that you want to visit all the places from Monaco, to Villefranche sur Mer, to Nice, to Cannes maybe Antibes too?

For a smaller group you may want to rent the ZAR 57 semi-rigid boat where the maximum capacity is 10, and for a full day rental it is only 400 euros. (skipper not included)
Or maybe you want to bring 12 guests or so, then you can rent our Mainstream 800, where you can sunbathe on the deck or dip your feet in the water whilst enjoying the views of the French Riviera throughout the day. The MAINSTREAM 800 is a brand new and one of a kind with only 450 euros for a 4 hr trip and for a full day only 750 euros! (skipper not included)

Zar 57 boat rental hire Easy Boat Booking French Riviera

ZAR 57 Semi-Rigid Boat with Easy Boat Booking

mainstream 800 rental semi-rigid boat hire French Riviera Cannes Easy Boat Booking

MAINSTREAM 800 Semi-Rigid Boat with Easy Boat Booking

With these prices you can not only enjoy the view, but we recommend that you travel from Villefranche-sur-Mer, to avoid transfer costs. You can then travel from this beautiful village to Nice and bask in the views, or maybe get off at Cannes and take some lunch in the luxurious city. Our team can also best advise you on the nicest places to go to with a budget.

If you are looking at travelling by land rather than see we can also help you with this on a budget with our range of city cars to voyage from city to city.
With the Renault Clio (5 persons max.) From 79 euros/day
or family cars
With the Citroen C4 Picasso (7 persons max.) From 109 euros/day

Beach Easy Beach Booking Easy Booking Group

For all information visit our websites:
To rent a car with us visit Easy Car Booking
To rent a boat or charter a yacht visit Easy Boat Booking

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Top 3 French Riviera Destinations

There are plenty of beautiful hidden treasures and well known cities within the French Riviera and plenty of places to visit within your stay, but where to start or what to make a preference among the choices. Easy Booking Group are here to guide you, with the Top Three French Riviera Destinations.

1) Iles De Lerins (Lerins Islands)
This is by far one of the most breathtaking islands in Europe, let alone France!
With one of the most beautifully surrounded colored lagoons, sandy beaches and an almost remote feel to it. You can visit and imagine it as your own private island for the half-day/full-day. To get to this Island, you can rent a boat from Cannes for a half day with your friends and family and travel to the islands just off Cannes. Definitely worth the travelling!

lerins islands

2) Villefranche-sur-Mer
This small village really is the definition of the French Riviera, with very typically styled buildings of color, shape and vibrancy. There are also small themed restaurants surrounding the bay and the old town with the perfect view of the coast. The winding streets of the Old Town, decorate the area with history and a real ‘Belle Époque’ style, the beach stretching out over the coast and the view of the coast line, and finally the amazing yachts which often stop nearby to witness one of the French Riviera‘s best views.
Villefranche sur mer tourism

3) Eze sur Mer/Eze
This is one of those places that although the only real option unless you are a dedicated hiker is by bus to get directly to the old town, it is worth the effort. Every tourist who has been there, rates it one of the best places to visit along the French Riviera. It really displays the Medieval history through its walls and architecture. A must also, is to visit the exotic gardens during the day preferably on a sunny day and to watch the sunset at the Chateau as the view overlooks the hills and coastline of Eze.

For more information, visit our sister company websites:
To rent a boat or charter a yacht, visit Easy Boat Booking
To rent a car, visit Easy Car Booking
or to know further information about the private beaches on the French Riviera, visit Easy Beach Booking.

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Why a Semi-Rigid Boat is Perfect for your 1 Day Boat Rental

mainstream 800 rental semi-rigid boat hire French Riviera Cannes Easy Boat Booking

Here at Easy Boat Booking, we can provide a range of different boats for you and your party on the French Riviera, Dubai and beyond. However, many people overlook the semi-rigid boat which in fact is one of the most practical and has one of the highest capacity’s in the amount of people that can be in the boat.

For boats and yachts especially in the French Riviera, it is very difficult to have so many people on board due to their being a capacity maximum (French Maritime Officials) on motor boats or small yachts. So, for many people although the idea of chartering a yacht for the day sounds desirable, it can be way above their budget for the large group of people who want to go on the boat.

Zar 57 boat rental hire Easy Boat Booking French Riviera

This is why renting a semi-rigid boat is perfect for the 4 hour or 8 hour trips with friends and family around the French Riviera. You can fit 14 people in the biggest semi-rigid boats, they are inexpensive to use for the day and they do not use too much fuel. They have the fuel capacity to travel from Monaco to Villefranche sur Mer to Nice to Cannes in one day and they allow you to bask in the Mediterranean fresh air.

So, if you are looking for the perfect boat, with a low budget, low fuel costs (to pay after the rental) and for a big group of people, than a semi-rigid boat rental is perfect for you!

With Easy Boat Booking, we have some of the best ranges of semi-rigid boats, our most popular two, are the ZAR 57 (10 people maximum) and Mainstream 800 (14 people maximum)

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Why Villefranche-sur-Mer is the place to go for a Half-Day Trip

Villefranche-sur-Mer is a charming small town on the French Riviera which often is overlooked by tourists due to being so remote. It is located in between Monaco and Nice, but why stop off here en route to Nice or Monaco?
We are about to explain why? Villefranche sur mer french riviera Easy Boat Booking

1) It has one of the best views on the French Riviera
Villefranche sur mer tourismIf you are going to the French Riviera for a view like those you see in the movies or on pictures of this area. Visit Villefranche-sur-Mer to see it for yourself, with beautifully colored buildings of different shapes and sizes lined parallel against the coast. The view is picture perfect, after immediately leaving the train station. Easy to get to, and an instant view, what more can you ask for?

2) Food with a coastal view
Restaurants Villefranche sur Mer Along the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer, there is a wide range of different restaurants and eating places, from Beach Bars, to Lunch Places, to elegant restaurants. The best part about this village, is that you can sit alongside the coast and eat your French cuisine whilst overlooking the coast and admire the wide range of yachts and boats.

3) The Boats and Yachts
Topaz Megayacht Nice Easy Boat BookingFrom Villefranche-sur-Mer, you can see the wide-range of yachts and boats, as the bay gets immensely busy during the Summer season. There is also huge cruise ships which park near to the coastline, as Villefranche has one of the deepest bays on the French Riviera, making it the place for the cruise ships to dock. A great view for those who have a passion for boats, or just like to gawp at the beautiful luxury yachts.

4) The PUBLIC beach
public beach villefranche sur mer plage des marinieres Villefranche sur Mer is the rarity of the French Riviera, as it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, which believe it or not is completely public. With this beach you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Villefranche coastline, whilst maybe enjoying a snack from one of the charming beach bars lining the beach. If you do visit here, I would strongly suggest securing your spot in the morning, to avoid the rush of tourists especially in the High season.

For any advice on places to visit, to rent a boat, charter a yacht or rent a car from Villefranche sur Mer or to reach this location.
Easy Boat Booking at easy@easyboatbooking.com
Easy Car Booking at car@easycarbooking.com

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The Process of a Boat Rental with Easy Boat Booking

A lot of people when thinking of vacation especially in places such as South of France (The French Riviera) tourists want to charter a yacht for the day in the Mediterranean sunshine with a refreshing drink. It’s everyone’s dream right?

pearl 60 yacht charter easy boat booking

At Easy Boat Booking, we make that dream a reality, and with ease!
All you need to do is take the following steps to get your yacht charter or boat rental and before you know it, you will be sipping cocktails on the French Riviera this summer.

1) Contact Easy Boat Booking online or by telephone to make an inquiry
All you do is tell us the date of the rental, budget, boat license or driver for boat, port, and number of people.

2) Check availability and Send Proposal
For us we have many partners along the French Riviera, so of course we need to make sure that the boats that will be best for you are available. Once we know this, we can send you a proposal of the best prices and offers for that day.

3) Rental Confirmation and Documents
We need to make sure we have everything signed, so we shall send you a boat rental agreement with all information for you to read, check and sign. You will also either be sent our payment details or we will request for yours to make a credit payment depending on the type of boat etc.
Once we have all the documents, and the payment is put through… The boat is yours for this day!

4) Check in, sign and embark!
Once you arrive to the allocated port, you will need to sign a document on the day of rental, and then you can start your journey for the day.

Villefranche sur mer french riviera Easy Boat Booking
I know, it really is that Easy!

For further information, or to make your booking today with us, visit our Easy Boat Booking website!

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Why You Should Visit Eze on the French Riviera this Summer

eze village

Eze is an enchanting small medieval town along the coast of the French Riviera accessible by boat, train, bus and car. But, here at Easy Booking Group, we are here to make things easier for you when visiting the French Riviera, by giving you the best advice on the places to visit with your time here.

Eze Medieval Village French Rivera

What you should know about Eze before arrival?
Eze is often well know for its medieval history, and beautiful restorations of this scattered around in the Old Town. With its deeply filled history, within different time periods dating as far back as 3BC  (3rd year BC) where in the 19th Century, an ancient Greek silver phialae was discovered in the small village. As a tourist visiting the area be prepared to be amazed by the different eras of history and how this small enchanting village was involved in this.

Eze Car Hire French Riviera Easy Car Booking

Eze as a whole, is very accessible, you can take public transport there including a train or a bus. You can even charter your own yacht or rent a boat to Eze-sur-Mer to get there yourself with the views of the French Riviera on the way.
However, at Easy Booking Group, we want to advise the easiest way for you, so that you can full enjoy the village on arrival. We would suggest renting a car from Nice, or even Villefranche-sur-Mer, and then driving to Eze. If you take the train you have to consider then getting a bus to the village, as the train station isn’t close enough for a walk unless you want to hike there. As with a boat, you would have to find a way of accessing transport from Eze-sur-Mer to Eze Village.

How can you rent?
Easy Booking Group can help, we have a company called Easy Car Booking which can help you with all necessary car rentals for you and your party from any part of the French Riviera. Just contact us today through our contact number or via email, all this is accessible on our website.

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