7 easy steps for booking a sunbed with Easy Beach Booking

The French Riviera is renowned for it’s Hot Mediterranean weather, fine food, world class hotels, luxurious yachts, Mountain top villas and of course the array of private beaches that are placed at each city along the 560 miles of coastline.

With over 50 different private beaches to choose from and the issue of the thousands of tourists wanting to do just the same we have created 7 easy steps to ensure you find the perfect sunbed tailored for all your needs. This easy guide will make planning your day to the beach stress free and guarantee you no disappointment.

Book a Sun Bed Cannes

  1. Visit Easy Beach Booking, the number one online booking platform for private beaches.
  1. On the left of the page you have the Quick Beach Search, This allows you to choose your city of choice and any particular services you want to make your day at the private beach special.
  1. Once you have narrowed it down by selecting Search, the list of beaches under your specification will appear on the screen. Select each one to view all information you will need including the price, restaurant information and services.
  1. Once you have decided on a particular beach, Call one of the friendly staff directly on +338 99 49 04 44 and book it over the phone in a very quick phonecall and do the payment directly. Otherwize select Availability on the bottom of the page.
  1.  Fill out the Availability form and a member of staff will get back to you in no more than 24hours.
  1.  When our staff contact you, the payment is done quick and simple over the phone and  your sunbeds are booked straight away and even a table at the restaurant if you wish.
  1. Arrive at the beach the day of your booking and the beach will have your sunbeds waiting for you to have a relaxing care free day!

Couple on a Beach

It’s really that simple. Contact Easy Beach Booking today to find your perfect sunbed whether it be in Cannes, Monaco, Cap d’Ail, Saint Tropez or any other city on the French Riviera. We want to make your vacation as stress free and relaxing as possible!


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