The Car of the Future: Chevy’s New Dragonfly Concept

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The new Chevrolet Dragonfly Concept is bound to stun car enthusiasts, with a never-seen-before model, it is truly the car of the future.
This amazing car was debuted at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, with plenty of visitors mesmerized by its capabilities and design.
The FNR features a unique capsule-like design, with plenty of space for the four passengers in the cabin as the wheels are pushed out as far as possible to the corners.
The most interesting and captivating part of the car is its ‘Dragonfly‘ effect which is done with the dual-swing car doors, giving a sort-of peel effect to the car away from its usual position. It contains also crystal laser headlights and taillights giving it a very futuristic edge from the other cars in the market.

This car is truly one of a kind, and gives us an overwhelming suggestion on the future of cars, and what will be considered as a normal driven car in the next car-buying generation.

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