Top 5 Private Beaches in Cannes

In Summer, every day Cannes attracts thousands of tourists who want to see the experience the luxury lifestyle of the French Riviera. During your time in Cannes, you can visit the ‘chic’ Promenade de la Croisette, or the many private beaches of Cannes parallel to the Boulevard.

Easy Beach Booking and Easy Booking Group are here to remind you of the private beaches on offer for you in Cannes, for a day of lounging, enjoying cocktails and fine food in the sun.

1) C Beach
C Beach Cannes Private Rental Sun Bed C Beach Cannes Private Rental Beach Sunbed
C Beach is located in the Heart of the Boulevard and offers clients ranges of different features to enjoy whilst sitting in the sun among the luxuries of C Beach. It is only minutes walk away from the Palais des Festivals, and is open daily for lunch and dinner even during the ‘Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique’

2) Z Plage
Z Plage Cannes Easy Beach BookingZ Plage is a real luxury setting for a perfect relaxation on the beach of Cannes, it is also ideal for a bigger party of people, maybe you and some friends also. There are plenty of ways to spend the day here along the beach and overlooking the Boulevard de la Croisette. You can guarantee that you and your friends will have plenty of space on this private beahc with enough room for 400 sun beds. The beach restaurant on site serves a wide range of high quality cuisine with efficient service. If you really want to go from sun rise to sun set in the pure bliss of Cannes, we would recommend booking your seats soon for this beach in the summer, hurry!

3) Baoli Beach
Baoli Beach Cannes Easy Beach Booking Baoli Beach is a truly exotic, contempory designed private beach, not only renown for its beautiful location but also its very own Baoli Restaurant open until the late hours in the summer. It is a key place to party for all famous and renown celebraties and international jet-setters. If you really are looking to experience the ‘high life’ then this beach really is perfect for you!

4) O’Key Beach
o'key beach cannes easy beach bookingO’Key Beach is a beautiful family-friendly private beach where you can enjoy having your own exclusive sun beds in the private area, but still be able to enjoy the leisures of swimming in the sea, enjoying the sun and eating at the restaurants, without being concerned about having young children. The beach staff are multilingual in mainly French and English, and are happy to serve you throughout the day with breakfast, lunch and dinner, additionally an array of cocktails.

5) Plage Les Dunes
plage les dunes cannes easy beach bookingPlage Les Dunes is well-known in Cannes for its relaxed environment on the French Riviera and also having one of the best beach restaurants in Cannes and Boulevard de la Croisette. The restuarant is open between 10:00am and 18:00pm, and serves a variety of favourites which are recommended by tourists internationally.

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