The Best Beaches on the Caribbean Islands

So, of course we all want to visit the Caribbean, it’s complete paradise, with hot weather and cocktails, i’m sure…
But where can we most imagine making our dream, a reality.
Easy Booking Group and Easy Beach Booking specifically, are here to provide guidance on the Best Beaches on the Caribbean Islands.

1) Grace Bay Beach
Grace Bay Beach Caribbean Easy Beach BookingThis beach is ideal not only is it one of the most favoured in the Caribbean, it oozes that typical Caribbean Paradise. It also is of a huge size, and is known for its long stretched white sand which means you are bound to find a place on the beach available. There are also hotels on the beach available for those wanting to be close.

2) Playa Flamenco
Playa Flamenco Caribbean

Playa Flamenco or Flamenco Beach, is a very high recommended beach by many tourists who have previously visited. Well known for being the finest in Puerto Rico and Caribbean. The horse-shoe shaped island is named Flamenco, as the lagoon attracts flamingos in the winter months. The island gets very busy in summer, and isn’t as easy to guarantee a spot like the other islands, because it is one of the more favored.

3) Marigot Bay
Marigot bay St lucia Marigot Bay is a place of wondrous architecture and an ideal for place for someone who is renting a boat and may want to drop their boat here to relax, not literally drop!
It also has a lot of history behind the Bay, which you can explore and find more on when you arrive.

4) White Bay
White Bay Caribbean IslandsWhite Bay, is a popular exotic spot for all wanting to experience the ‘true’ Caribbean feel. With luxurious sandy beaches and clear blue aqua waters its the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

5) Barbuda
Barbuda Island Caribbean
Barbuda is known for its natural and organic atmosphere, with plenty of wildlife within the greenery, paired with beautiful beaches.

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