How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Paris, the capital city of France, films have been inspired by this city, people have often found romance here. With the traditions of Paris which are unique to only this city, making it one of the top visited destinations in the world.
But, the question is, how can you do Paris with a budget?
What if you want to visit this beautiful city but not necessarily spend too much money?
We are here to inform you on how to visit Paris and not have to spend the cash.

airport airplanes timelapse1) This is one of the most obvious pieces of advice of them all, if you haven’t booked Paris for a city break this summer already and you are planning to, DO NOT BOOK AT PEAK TIMES.
Already, this will be fully booked and any remaining tickets will be very expensive, we advise you to book mid-week for a few days in the beautiful city. This way you will benefit from the price of less demanded flights.

Paris Hostels Budget Easy Booking Group2) Hostels: Its always important to find the best value hotels or why not settle for a hostel?
In Paris, you will find nice hostels, or ones at least with the perfect views which you are not paying hundreds of euros for. If you are planning ahead, I would advise you to look on websites such as where you can find hostels which seem more like hotels, and not have to pay half the price. There is also the option if you are lucky and you are into books to stack books in the Shakespeare and Company Book Store near to Notre Dame and get a free bed for the night, with a scenic view of the Notre Dame.

Rue Mouffetard Paris Easy Booking Group3) Eating: You can find some good districts where you can eat for very cheap without having to break the bank!
If you are at the Eiffel Tower and you are hungry, you can visit a street named Rue Cler filled with low budget food places to eat or grab a bite to eat. If you are nearer to the Louvre, visit the street Rue Montorgueil, or maybe you are in the Latin quarter where you can visit the street Rue Mouffetard. All of these provide great food places with variety and cheap prices especially for Paris!

Paris Metro Sign Easy Booking Group4) Travel in Paris: I would advise any city visitors, on their first day, to go to the nearest train station, bus stop, travel information place and buy the tickets which are necessary for the time spent in the city. However, for Paris in particular a way to save money will always depend on the type of visit you will be having once you arrive. If you are looking at a more relaxed city break which requires less travelling through the different districts, than maybe the perfect travel pass for you would be for 10 trips which will cost you 14.10 euros, or alternatively if you are someone that is looking at travelling and visiting all the tourist attractions within two or three days, maybe you will be purchasing the One-day Mobilis travel card which will provide you with unlimited travel for one day in central Paris.

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