Why Choose Easy Car Booking this Summer?


Easy Car Booking is one of the services we offer within Easy Booking Group and focuses entirely on car rentals in the French Riviera. This is perfect for tourists within the area this summer that want to access easily the different cities on the French Riviera including Cannes, Nice, Monaco, St Tropez, Villefranche-sur-Mer and more with their very own car rental.


Acura NSX

What we do?
We allow you to select the most appropriate car for you for a day rental or more, the cars include luxury cars such as the Bentley (with a driver if you would like), city cars such as the Citroen, sports cars such as the Lamborghini, or even family cars which are big enough to fit your entire group of family and friends inside for the day. We cater to a large market, and can find the best car for your situation.

Why not use a taxi?
The value of using a car rental from Easy Car Booking, is that we can guarantee you some of the best prices on the French Riviera. If you choose to get a taxi or even an Uber when you want to travel throughout the day rather than just one journey, the price of a car rental is of better value. We can also help with airport transfers, so if you are someone that wants to plan all of your itinerary ahead of time, maybe you also want to organize your airport transfers also with us, so it is ready for when you arrive here in the French Riviera.

For further information, contact our team on: car@easycarbooking.com
or visit the Easy Car Booking Official Website

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