The Top 6 Things to Do in Thailand by Easy Booking Group

Thailand is of course the scenic magical country in the center of the Indochine Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Many tourists visit every year among many countries for travelling expeditions, others visit to simply escape and experience life in the Eastern World. Not only are the views captivating but also the food delicacies, the events and the activities that you can do on your visit, make it a unique trip which is necessary to experience once in your lifetime.

At Easy Booking Group, we are here to guide you on how to best utilize your time in Thailand. Whether you are visiting Thailand as a family, a group of a younger age, or maybe as a group of 50+ in age. We can recommend you the best range of activities to do during your time.

1) The Grand Palace
The grand palace easy booking group  No matter what age you are, you will all appreciate the wonders and the history of the Grand Palace in Thailand. It is over 200 years old, and since 1782, it has been the official home of the Kings of Siam, and then preceding this Thailand. Of course, alongside the history, its decorative and traditional nature attracts a high number of tourists each year. For anyone who wants a more romantic experience, we suggest visiting the Grand Palace by night, where it is illuminated in its entirety, and makes for the perfect experience.
What not to miss: The Emerald Buddha, nearby the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand named Wat Pho.

2) Elephant Trekking
elephant trekking easy booking group This event will be perfect for the family, and the younger children to be able to ride an elephant, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or maybe for a group of young adults who will not usually have the chance to ride an elephant back at home.
Elephant Trekking is renown in Thailand as the elephant is Thailand’s national symbol, and they find a way to work with these animals all over the country. You can also visit the Elephant Conservation Center. But ensure that you listen to legitimate travel guides in the area, as some sanctuaries can be exploited to animal cruelty in Thailand.

3) Floating Markets
Floating Markets Thailand The floating markets are renown in Thailand, a place within the river where it is deemed as a tradition to create a fleet market on boats. A marketplace where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and Thai spices. At some specific markets they sell a wider range of items, if you visit Amphawa you can buy coconut pancakes and fried shrimp, or Taling Chan for roasted seafood. An experience which every tourist should see, and also maybe buy some of your own produce from one of the floating markets.

4) Kanchanaburi
Kanchanaburi Railway Death Thailand The Thai railway track deep into the forest of the Kanchanaburi Province in the West of Thailand. This site has a haunting past with it being known as the ‘Death Railway’ as it was built in 1942 under the Japanese control in slave labour conditions, with disease spreading and death. However, it is also a must to visit for its history, and also for the astonishing views throughout, perfect trip for travellers who want to explore outside the Center of Thailand.

5) Yi Peng Lanterns Festival
Yi Peng Lantern Festival Chiang Mai  This event is usually held in November of the year, but is truly something else. Although pictures really do the event justice, it is also an event that many travelers visit especially for its sight, which is even better to see first-hand. The event consists of locals and tourists putting floating lanterns on the water. The event date varies as it completely relies on the date of which the full moon is of the 12th Thai Month or the 2nd Month according to the Lanna lunar calendar. The best place to go for the Yi Peng Lanterns Festival is in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of the former Lanna Kingdom. Chiang Mai is ideal for first visitors because they don’t only celebrate Yi Peng but also Loi Krathong resulting in lanterns not only floating in the waters, but also lanterns hanging on trees and floating in the skies.

6) Island Hopping
Phuket Thailand Easy Booking GroupIsland Hopping is something which many tourists prioritize on their list of things to do in Thailand, due to the scenes you experience when travelling by boat. One island we recommend is Phuket in Thailand. With Easy Boat Booking, you can rent a boat from Phuket, and admire all of the islands around the area, in the beautiful aqua sea.

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