Top 5 Travel Destinations to visit this Summer!

Only now booking your holiday, and you really do not have an idea on where you would like to travel to for your vacation?
On this blog, you will find a range of 5 different destinations which we have reflected based on a type of character who would want to go to each location, and it may help you to make that final decision on a destination.

1) A Peaceful Retreat: Thailand
Thailand Phuket Boat Rental Easy Boat Booking Why not visit the beautiful Thailand during your summer vacation in 2015?
If you are somebody who wants to not only have time for themselves to relax, but also to explore a contrast in culture, try some cultural delicacies, and explore the visual beauties of locations such as Phuket, than this is the place for you.
You can even book a boat in Phuket, and explore the coves whilst travelling on the aqua waters of the island.

2) A Glamorous Authentic Experience: French Riviera, France
Restaurants Villefranche sur MerThe ever so chic French Riviera has held host to several well known faces and celebrities with destinations along the coastline such as Cannes, Nice, Monaco, and St Tropez to name a few. If you want a holiday to explore at your own pace in the beautiful Mediterranean sun, you enjoy shopping and luxury, than this place is definitely for you. The French Riviera is one of the only places in the world where you will see a large volume of yachts in the High season throughout the entire coast, it is seen as a way of living. Not only is the French Riviera renown for its luxury living but also for its extensive history and unique traditional food such as the Nicoise dishes (based in Nice) and pastries such as the St Tropezienne which are very popular to visiting tourists.

3) The Wow Factor: Dubai, UAE
Dubai Summer Vacation Easy Booking Group
Of course, everyone is aware of the marvel that is Dubai, the city that is often seen as being a man-made miracle of the world. The city is located in the United Arab Emirates and is the most populous town although only the second largest with the largest city in the UAE being Abu Dhabi. With the tallest buildings in the world next to the contrasting white sandy beaches. This location is unique and often popular for tourists who seek hot weather and luxury. Dubai is known to have some of the most unique and wider ranges of food and restaurants on its ‘turf’
For anyone wanted to explore culture but not to an extreme measure, with luxury and plenty to see, and wants to be completely astonished.

4) A Cultural Mystery: Marrakesh, Morocco
Marrakesh Morocco The Souks Market
Marrakesh, the capital city of Morocco known for its bustling streets and contrast of culture from the Western World. This is a destination for those who really want to explore and immerse themselves into a new world. Explore the beautiful markets by day and night where the atmosphere completely changes. In the markets, you can buy spices for a very good price (e.g. saffron, a usually expensive spice is very cheap here) and gifts for friends and family. There are plenty of restaurants with the perfect view of the markets also to watch the world pass by whilst relaxing. This destination is for all those wanting to explore something completely different than usual, those who are willing to learn from their vacation experience.

5) City Chic Break: London,UK
London UK City Break
London, the capital city of United Kingdom, filled with both traditional and modern architecture standing among one another. A city that doesn’t boast the most ideal hot temperatures for the summer season. This destination though is filled with culture for every type of person. With the city decorated in different districts to please all tastes, from Shoreditch (where you will often find the ‘edgy’ crowd and vintage shops) to Knightsbridge where you can visit some of the luxury London city culture. This travel destination is perfect for those who admire the urban feel rather than the exotic.

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