Les Plages Electroniques Cannes 2015

Les Plages Electroniques Cannes

We all like to enjoy a music festival no matter the age, there are always festivals to cater all, however this one in particular is very unique and special, without necessarily being the most well known and high profile.
This festival in particular is known as ‘Les Plages Electroniques de Cannes‘ and if you are travelling to the French Riviera, between now and 9th August, you should definitely take a trip to this festival. There may not be tickets available now at this short notice, but to even watch from afar is magnificent. The festival itself is aimed at younger people,so we would suggest it for those travelling with friends in the French Riviera between the ages of 18-25 years old. Or maybe, you are ‘young at heart’ and have a liking for deep house and electronic music.

This year the acts who have already performed at the festival are the New York Dj’s The Martinez Brothers and Adriatique. Acts that are expected to be at the event on the 8th August are Adana Twins, Monkey Safari, Synapson among others. On the 9th August, acts due to perform at the festival include italian house djs Tale of Us, Loco Dice, and New Gang.

If this event interests you, its located at the ‘Plage du Palais des Festivals de Cannes’ or if this confuses you, the beach near the Palais des Festivals building named the above French name, with the event starting at 18:30 you can guarantee you will not miss it.

If you are wanting to avoid traffic, or missing part of the first act, maybe you would like to charter a yacht or rent a boat to avoid traffic on the roads. If this interests you, one of the companies within Easy Booking Group known as Easy Boat Booking can cater to your enquiry. If you contact us or visit our website, you can learn more of our boats in the location of Cannes.

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The Car of the Future: Chevy’s New Dragonfly Concept

Chevrolet Easy Car Booking Easy Booking Group

The new Chevrolet Dragonfly Concept is bound to stun car enthusiasts, with a never-seen-before model, it is truly the car of the future.
This amazing car was debuted at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, with plenty of visitors mesmerized by its capabilities and design.
The FNR features a unique capsule-like design, with plenty of space for the four passengers in the cabin as the wheels are pushed out as far as possible to the corners.
The most interesting and captivating part of the car is its ‘Dragonfly‘ effect which is done with the dual-swing car doors, giving a sort-of peel effect to the car away from its usual position. It contains also crystal laser headlights and taillights giving it a very futuristic edge from the other cars in the market.

This car is truly one of a kind, and gives us an overwhelming suggestion on the future of cars, and what will be considered as a normal driven car in the next car-buying generation.

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Top 5 Private Beaches in Cannes

In Summer, every day Cannes attracts thousands of tourists who want to see the experience the luxury lifestyle of the French Riviera. During your time in Cannes, you can visit the ‘chic’ Promenade de la Croisette, or the many private beaches of Cannes parallel to the Boulevard.

Easy Beach Booking and Easy Booking Group are here to remind you of the private beaches on offer for you in Cannes, for a day of lounging, enjoying cocktails and fine food in the sun.

1) C Beach
C Beach Cannes Private Rental Sun Bed C Beach Cannes Private Rental Beach Sunbed
C Beach is located in the Heart of the Boulevard and offers clients ranges of different features to enjoy whilst sitting in the sun among the luxuries of C Beach. It is only minutes walk away from the Palais des Festivals, and is open daily for lunch and dinner even during the ‘Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique’

2) Z Plage
Z Plage Cannes Easy Beach BookingZ Plage is a real luxury setting for a perfect relaxation on the beach of Cannes, it is also ideal for a bigger party of people, maybe you and some friends also. There are plenty of ways to spend the day here along the beach and overlooking the Boulevard de la Croisette. You can guarantee that you and your friends will have plenty of space on this private beahc with enough room for 400 sun beds. The beach restaurant on site serves a wide range of high quality cuisine with efficient service. If you really want to go from sun rise to sun set in the pure bliss of Cannes, we would recommend booking your seats soon for this beach in the summer, hurry!

3) Baoli Beach
Baoli Beach Cannes Easy Beach Booking Baoli Beach is a truly exotic, contempory designed private beach, not only renown for its beautiful location but also its very own Baoli Restaurant open until the late hours in the summer. It is a key place to party for all famous and renown celebraties and international jet-setters. If you really are looking to experience the ‘high life’ then this beach really is perfect for you!

4) O’Key Beach
o'key beach cannes easy beach bookingO’Key Beach is a beautiful family-friendly private beach where you can enjoy having your own exclusive sun beds in the private area, but still be able to enjoy the leisures of swimming in the sea, enjoying the sun and eating at the restaurants, without being concerned about having young children. The beach staff are multilingual in mainly French and English, and are happy to serve you throughout the day with breakfast, lunch and dinner, additionally an array of cocktails.

5) Plage Les Dunes
plage les dunes cannes easy beach bookingPlage Les Dunes is well-known in Cannes for its relaxed environment on the French Riviera and also having one of the best beach restaurants in Cannes and Boulevard de la Croisette. The restuarant is open between 10:00am and 18:00pm, and serves a variety of favourites which are recommended by tourists internationally.

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The Best Beaches on the Caribbean Islands

So, of course we all want to visit the Caribbean, it’s complete paradise, with hot weather and cocktails, i’m sure…
But where can we most imagine making our dream, a reality.
Easy Booking Group and Easy Beach Booking specifically, are here to provide guidance on the Best Beaches on the Caribbean Islands.

1) Grace Bay Beach
Grace Bay Beach Caribbean Easy Beach BookingThis beach is ideal not only is it one of the most favoured in the Caribbean, it oozes that typical Caribbean Paradise. It also is of a huge size, and is known for its long stretched white sand which means you are bound to find a place on the beach available. There are also hotels on the beach available for those wanting to be close.

2) Playa Flamenco
Playa Flamenco Caribbean

Playa Flamenco or Flamenco Beach, is a very high recommended beach by many tourists who have previously visited. Well known for being the finest in Puerto Rico and Caribbean. The horse-shoe shaped island is named Flamenco, as the lagoon attracts flamingos in the winter months. The island gets very busy in summer, and isn’t as easy to guarantee a spot like the other islands, because it is one of the more favored.

3) Marigot Bay
Marigot bay St lucia Marigot Bay is a place of wondrous architecture and an ideal for place for someone who is renting a boat and may want to drop their boat here to relax, not literally drop!
It also has a lot of history behind the Bay, which you can explore and find more on when you arrive.

4) White Bay
White Bay Caribbean IslandsWhite Bay, is a popular exotic spot for all wanting to experience the ‘true’ Caribbean feel. With luxurious sandy beaches and clear blue aqua waters its the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

5) Barbuda
Barbuda Island Caribbean
Barbuda is known for its natural and organic atmosphere, with plenty of wildlife within the greenery, paired with beautiful beaches.

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Jazz Festival Nizza – Geschichte des Jazz


Auch diesen Sommer ist Ihnen während Ihres Urlaubs an der Côte d’Azur wieder einiges geboten: wie zum Beispiel das berühmte Nice Jazz Festival in Nizza. Dieses präsentiert vom 7. bis 12. Juli 2015 das Beste der nationalen und internationalen Musikszene an fünf aufeinander folgenden Abenden, einschließlich eines einzigartigen Abschlussabends. Das Jazzfestival von Nizza ist das erste große Festival des französischen Jazz, welches vor allem auch die jüngeren Generationen mit offenen Armen  empfängt: dies spiegelt sich in seinem Programm, in dem Jazzmusik von heute und von morgen  aufgeführt werden, wider. Hier vermischt sich Jazz also mit jeglichen Musikrichtungen, von Electro  mit einem Touch Funk  oder Disco bis hin zu Hip-Hop. Unter anderem wird sich Jamie Cullum, ein Paradebeispiel des frühen Jazz, die Bühne mit Legenden wie Charles Lloyd, Kenny Barron, Brad Mehldau, Cerrone, The Roots und auch Kool and the Gang teilen. Liebhaber der zeitgenössischen Musik und ‚großen Stimmen‘ kommen mit Künstlern wie Lauryn Hill, Ibeyi, Yael Naim oder Benjamin Clementine ebenfalls nicht zu kurz.

Das Jazzfestival Nizza kann auf eine beeindruckende Tradition zurückblicken: zum ersten Mal fand dieses im Jahre 1948 statt. Und ja, dies war das erste Jazzfestival weltweit, welches also in Nizza und nicht in Amerika veranstaltet wurde. In diesem Jahr feiert die Veranstaltung ihren 67. Jahrestag.

Einige der größten Berühmtheiten dieser Zeit waren dort vertreten, unter anderem Louis Armstrong, dem unbestrittenen Star dieser ersten Veranstaltung, außerdem Claude Luter, Stéphane Grappelli und Django Reinhardt. Die Abschlussfeier am Negresco endete erst in der Morgendämmerung mit einem « Jam » nach heißen Gesangsrunden von Suzy Delair und Yves Montand. Dieses Festival war ein historischer Moment; Jazz kann von nun an auf ein präsentes Publikum in Frankreich zählen. Durch sein immenses Talent und den Magnetismus seiner Gegenwart offenbarte Louis Armstrong vielen Laien die Schönheit dieser Musikrichtung. Im Jahr 1948 feierte die Hauptstadt der Riviera ihre Hochzeit mit dem Jazz. Auf diese Verbindung  folgte allerdings eine 23 Jahre lange Trennung, vor einer bewegenden Wiedervereinigung im Jahr 1971.

Seit dem ersten Jazzfestival weltweit im Jahre 1948 hat sich diese Veranstaltung also verändert und modernisiert, die einzigartige Stimmung ist aber die Selbe geblieben. Während eines Aufenthalts in Nizza ist dieses stimmungsvolle Festival also auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen.


Um noch mehr Abwechslung  und Stimmung zu bieten werden zwei verschiedene Bühnen für  dieses Event aufgebaut: Masséna Stage und Le Théâtre de Verdure. Die Masséna Stage stellt bis zu 6 500 Stehplätze bereit. Im Théâtre de Verdure sind 1 028 Sitzplätze, 1 362 Stehplätze und 25 Plätze für Personen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität vorhanden. Auf dem gesamten Gelände finden also insgesamt 9 000 Platz. Der Eingang befindet sich am Place Masséna, welcher um 18:30 Uhr geöffnet wird. Die ersten Konzerte beginnen um 19:30 Uhr und enden um Mitternacht.

Für 35€ (Erwachsene) vom 07. bis 11. Juli und 20€ am Sonntag, den 12. Juli, haben Sie Zutritt zu den beiden Bühnen dieses einmaligen Festivals.

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How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Paris, the capital city of France, films have been inspired by this city, people have often found romance here. With the traditions of Paris which are unique to only this city, making it one of the top visited destinations in the world.
But, the question is, how can you do Paris with a budget?
What if you want to visit this beautiful city but not necessarily spend too much money?
We are here to inform you on how to visit Paris and not have to spend the cash.

airport airplanes timelapse1) This is one of the most obvious pieces of advice of them all, if you haven’t booked Paris for a city break this summer already and you are planning to, DO NOT BOOK AT PEAK TIMES.
Already, this will be fully booked and any remaining tickets will be very expensive, we advise you to book mid-week for a few days in the beautiful city. This way you will benefit from the price of less demanded flights.

Paris Hostels Budget Easy Booking Group2) Hostels: Its always important to find the best value hotels or why not settle for a hostel?
In Paris, you will find nice hostels, or ones at least with the perfect views which you are not paying hundreds of euros for. If you are planning ahead, I would advise you to look on websites such as Hostel.com where you can find hostels which seem more like hotels, and not have to pay half the price. There is also the option if you are lucky and you are into books to stack books in the Shakespeare and Company Book Store near to Notre Dame and get a free bed for the night, with a scenic view of the Notre Dame.

Rue Mouffetard Paris Easy Booking Group3) Eating: You can find some good districts where you can eat for very cheap without having to break the bank!
If you are at the Eiffel Tower and you are hungry, you can visit a street named Rue Cler filled with low budget food places to eat or grab a bite to eat. If you are nearer to the Louvre, visit the street Rue Montorgueil, or maybe you are in the Latin quarter where you can visit the street Rue Mouffetard. All of these provide great food places with variety and cheap prices especially for Paris!

Paris Metro Sign Easy Booking Group4) Travel in Paris: I would advise any city visitors, on their first day, to go to the nearest train station, bus stop, travel information place and buy the tickets which are necessary for the time spent in the city. However, for Paris in particular a way to save money will always depend on the type of visit you will be having once you arrive. If you are looking at a more relaxed city break which requires less travelling through the different districts, than maybe the perfect travel pass for you would be for 10 trips which will cost you 14.10 euros, or alternatively if you are someone that is looking at travelling and visiting all the tourist attractions within two or three days, maybe you will be purchasing the One-day Mobilis travel card which will provide you with unlimited travel for one day in central Paris.

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Why Choose Easy Car Booking this Summer?


Easy Car Booking is one of the services we offer within Easy Booking Group and focuses entirely on car rentals in the French Riviera. This is perfect for tourists within the area this summer that want to access easily the different cities on the French Riviera including Cannes, Nice, Monaco, St Tropez, Villefranche-sur-Mer and more with their very own car rental.


Acura NSX

What we do?
We allow you to select the most appropriate car for you for a day rental or more, the cars include luxury cars such as the Bentley (with a driver if you would like), city cars such as the Citroen, sports cars such as the Lamborghini, or even family cars which are big enough to fit your entire group of family and friends inside for the day. We cater to a large market, and can find the best car for your situation.

Why not use a taxi?
The value of using a car rental from Easy Car Booking, is that we can guarantee you some of the best prices on the French Riviera. If you choose to get a taxi or even an Uber when you want to travel throughout the day rather than just one journey, the price of a car rental is of better value. We can also help with airport transfers, so if you are someone that wants to plan all of your itinerary ahead of time, maybe you also want to organize your airport transfers also with us, so it is ready for when you arrive here in the French Riviera.

For further information, contact our team on: car@easycarbooking.com
or visit the Easy Car Booking Official Website

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